Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopea

Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopeia


Moon Jellyfish1

Moon Jellies


Spotted Jelly

Spotted Jelly



Baby Moon Jellies

Baby Moon Jellies


Jon feeding the Moon Jellyfish

We are currently culturing  Moon Jellies, Aurelia aurita and Aurelia labiata and the live foods they eat, here in our jelly lab. We also have available enriched frozen jellyfish food – Naupsicles- which is grown, harvested and processed on site. We also offer a specially formulated dry jellyfish food.

  • 2 and 3 inch moon jellies are available for sale.
  • 1″ (small) $25.00 each, 2″ (medium) $38.00 each, 3″ (large) $48.00 each.
  • For  4″+ (extra-large) call for pricing and availability.


ACG designs, installs and services Jellyfish displays.
  Call for pricing and stock availability.
We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards.
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