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United Theraputics

UTaquariumlobby_modMeasuring in at an impressive 10,000 gallons of water volume, the massive cylinder aquarium showcases dozens of saltwater species from around the world. Currently the exhibit houses over 30 species and more than 100 fish.  “The Big Tank” inspires awe as you stand at its base and gaze up at the 28 foot high vertical column. Aquatic Creations Group carefully Selects and Maintains the Fish Collection. We service the Life Support System, clean the inside Reef Display and Acrylic Surfaces using our own “Diver Team”. Jared is diving in the exhibit using a hooka system to clean the acrylic.UT_modified

The New Custom Desk Aquarium at Fort Bragg

The Three exhibits in this 11 ft x 9 ft desk are: one 30 gallon fresh water planted aquarium, one 30 gallon saltwater reef aquarium and the center aquarium is a 100 gallon saltwater fish exhibit.



Bass Pro Shops Aquarium in Cary, North Carolina

Nine livewells containing the exhibit fishes were shipped from Bass Pro Shops Corporate Center in Springfield, Missouri to the new Bass Pro Shops in Cary, North Carolina. The trip took three days by truck. All the fish made the trip without any difficulties. ACG Staff were ready to move them from the livewells into the 15,000 gallon aquarium exhibit. Each livewell was forklifted up to the top of the tank and then the fish were netted out of the wells and placed into their new home.

Exhibit fish species include: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Longenose Gar, Shortnose Gar, Bowfin, Bigmouth Buffalo, Redfish, Channel Catfish, Crappie, Walleye and Bluegill. The star of the exhibit is “Miss Anita” the double digit Largemouth Bass. She weighs in at  11 lb  3 oz.

Bass Pro Shops Cary Exhibit_02

Bass Pro- moving fish from live well into aquarium

Bass Pro- moving fish from the oxygenated livewell into the aquarium

Moving fish into exhibit

Moving fish into 15,000 gallon exhibit

BassPro fish in livewell

Putting fish from livewell into tank.

View of fish from top of aquarium

View of fish from top of aquarium

Bass Pro sport fishes

Bass Pro sport fishes

Bass Pro Catfish

Bass Pro Shop’s Catfish

Longnose Gar

Bass Pro Shop’s Longnose Gar

Bass Pro Bowfin

Bass Pro Shop’s Bowfin

Longnose Gar

Longnose Gar