Upside-Down Jellies

Cassiopeia- the Upside-Down Jellyfish
Upside-down Jellyfish

Upside-down Jellyfish

Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopea

Upside-down Jelly, Cassiopeia

Down is up for this jelly— Cassiopeia xamachana-it rests its bell on the seafloor and waves its lacy underparts up toward the sun. Why? This jelly is a farmer. Its brownish color is caused by symbiotic algae living inside the jelly’s tissues. By lying upside-down, the jelly exposes its algae to the sun, allowing it to photosynthesize. The jelly lives off food the algae produce, as well as zooplankton. This jelly does well with fish and other invertebrate tank mates!

Mangrove_cassipeia_2 Mangrove and cassiopeia Mangrove exhibit

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Small $12.00, Medium $18.00 and Large $22.00

Feed your upside-down jelly the same nutritious foods as the moon jellyfish and remember, proper lighting is important for this jelly species to thrive.